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         1.   Involuntary Memories    
         2.  Glass App
         3.  An Exploration of Light 
         4.  Grace After a Party
         5.  Annex 


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Artwork     Carmen Walker-Vazquez
Design       Corinne O’Connor

I was contacted by Jemima Coulter to work as the graphic designer for their debut album Grace After a Party. Jemima wanted paintings done by Carmen Walker-Vazquez to be the visual focal point of the album and needed someone to help highlight Carmen’s work and integrate it into a layout that supported their vision.

With Carmen creating the visuals that would be used for the project, Jemima and I began a collaborative process of communicating about how to weave those visuals together in order to create the final product. I worked to build upon and refine Jemima's ideas while also editing and melding Carmen’s paintings into the design.