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Lacuna Is a fictional company from the movie Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind. The company specializes in targeted memory erasure for those that are suffering from the loss of a loved one, whether it be due to a death, a divorce, or a breakup.

The purpose of this rebrand is to help the company get back on its feet after a disgruntled employee leaked personal customer files causing them to lose a lot of business. The new branding embraces what the company stands for. It reflects the history of Lacuna as well as the procedure itself.

The original branding for Lacuna was very minimal. It mainly consisted of the logo set in Times New Roman and secondary type set in Courier. This was very fitting for their business when they were mainly discovered through word of mouth and wanted to blend in. Now that the public knows who they are it is time for a branding system that better reflects the company.


The companies name comes from the latin word meaning cavity, hollow, or dip. Transfigueratively, the word Lacuna means a gap, deficiency or loss.

“Lacunar infarct” refers to a stroke that involves a small area of the brain that can be responsible for a specific memory.

In papyrology, lacuna means a hole where a part of the text is missing, and can sometimes be reconstructed
Lacuna’s new logo design takes inspiration from the company's name itself as well as what the company stands for. This can be seen in the “C” and the “U”. The “C” is slightly hollowed and the “U” has pieces of it missing.

The missing pieces of the “U” creates a smiley face which also represents the company's goal which is to take away pieces of the clients memory to make them happier.


The smiley face is the secondary mark used most throughout the brand.  It represents the company's goal which is to take away pieces of the clients memory to make them happier.

The butterfly shape is inspired by brain scans
of aging adults. This reflects Lacuna's target audience which consists mainly of adults ages