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         1.   Involuntary Memories    
         2.  Glass App
         3.  An Exploration of Light 
         4.  Grace After a Party
         5.  Annex 


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For my thesis, I studied involuntary memories and how our five senses act as cues to evoke past memories. My goal was to create a website that presented the information in a way that was easy for the viewer to consume while also exposing them to nostalgic imagery and video so that they may experience an involuntary memory of their own.

The website itself was created in Readymag. The still images shown are all found imagery that I collected in hopes of evoking the feeling of nostalgia. I wanted the viewer to feel like they were rummaging around an old junk drawer in their childhood home or looking through an old photo album. The videos are footage I shot on a Sony Hi8 Handycam and the audio are recordings I collected to create a multiple sensory cue experience for the viewer.