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For my thesis, I studied involuntary memories and how our five senses act as cues to evoke past memories. Involuntary memories occur when a person encounters a sensory cue that evokes recollections of the past without any conscious effort. The sensory cue could be a smell from one's childhood or a sound they have not heard in many years.

Researching involuntary memories can be fascinating but the viewer often has to dig through very dense scientific articles. I wanted to create a website that presented some key points I found in a way that was easy for the viewer to consume.

The website itself was created in Readymag. The still images shown are all found imagery that I collected in hopes of evoking the feeling of nostalgia. I wanted the viewer to feel like they were rummaging around an old junk drawer in their childhood home or looking through an old photo album. The videos are footage I shot on a Sony Hi8 Handycam. For the Experience page I also used audio recordings that I collected to create a multiple sensory cue experience for the viewer.